2015. január 30., péntek

God - The Source of love and life

I'm excited that our Revive Asheville team is growing this year. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says that if the people of God who are called by His name seek His face together with humility and walking in repentance, He will intervene and heal their land. I believe there is a lot to heal in our land and I'm very happy to see the growing hunger and thirst among the people for God. There is also increasing darkness that we see all around the world, but the darkness and the light is growing together.

As we gathered this Monday to seek His face, we felt led to not go out and minister with works, but to go deeper in God and intercede for the city. We found out that the abortion clinic that the enemy is trying to bring back to Asheville after the local clinic closed down last year has not opened yet. God answered our prayers from last year that the plans of the enemy would be confused and come to nothing. Calling the company we just learned that they are trying to be established, but they don't find a doctor who would take on that job! Yes! Our prayer is that it would stay this way, forever. Please pray with us for the cause of the unborn.

After our extended prayer time we decided to walk down to Prichard Park just to check in. On our way out we had a pleasant talk with one of the waitresses of Green Sage. Apparently over the past few months their whole staff have changed up. We pray that our ministry this year would be a blessing to them week by week and make them grow in the knowledge of God. 

At Pritchard Park an elderly man seeing Bibles in our hands RAN up to us to see if we were Christians. Finding out we were, he gave us a picture of God as the father and mother of all men and as One sitting down and wanting to have mankind sitting on His lap. I believe that God actually wants to do this. He wants to reveal Himself as the God of love to the world through His Church cooperating with Him. He wants to love us and He wants us to love Him on His terms. This man showed great appreciation towards God and towards us, His saints. 
We prayed with him, encouraged him (and he exhorted us very much as well!) and then departed. 

I look forward to go out again next Monday. Join us, if you would like to be part of what God is doing in the midst of our city. We all can contribute in small, but significant ways to God's plan as we partner with Him.

It's a glory that the Father chooses weak and broken people like you and I to bring restoration to this world.
He is so good!