2015. március 4., szerda

Prayers that move the hand of God

After a complicated start, Pam and I decided to go to Pritchard Park and see what the Lord has for us. After a short worship time in the cold weather, I felt like the Lord wanted us to engage with the homeless people hanging around in the park. 

One man we talked to turned out to be a faithful servant of Jesus among the homeless with great visions in his heart. His heart's desire is to establish a sober house for people, especially homeless who struggle with different types of addictions. My heart just jumped to see the measure of faith he had. I believe that it is very much possible that the Lord will give him the desire of His heart, in fact I believe that it was the Lord who imparted this vision into this man's heart who used to struggle with the same types of bondage himself - drugs and alcohol. The Lord delivered him fully from that place of darkness and now with a thankful heart he is serving Him like Peter's mother-in-law, whom Jesus healed from a serious feverish disease (Mt 8:14-15).
We prayed with him for his vision to be established and that the Lord would heal his back and numbness in his extremities. He received partial healing as he said that his numbness had decreased. We praise the Lord and ask Him  for full healing!

After departing from him we engaged with a middle aged black man who really wanted to have faith in God, but because of all the hardships he had to go through and now living on the streets, he was having doubts and unbelief in his heart. The Lord sees the sincere desire in his heart to know Him and experience how real the Father's love is. We prayed with him that God would fill him with His incredible love and heal all his wounds. He thankfully received our prayers on that. 

For me the top event of the day was when two men seeing us talking and praying with their friends and sensing the prompting of the Spirit asked us to join them in praying for their families and all the homeless people in Asheville. As we knelt down beside them, I felt the Lord's presence and His desire for us to humble ourselves and to admit that we are weak and incapable by ourselves, but how much He can do if we ask Him. He heals, He delivers, He saves, because He loves. (2Chr 7:14)

Now is the time for the people of God to blow the trumpets and come together in unity and meekness to cry out to the Father that He would heal our lands. (Joel 2:1)

Please pray for us that we would be able to care for the people we meet on the streets in practical and spiritual ways. We also ask for laborers, for the harvest is great and the workers are few. 

If you would like to be part of the Great Commission and serve the Lord on the streets with us, join us next Monday, the 9th at 4 pm at Green Sage downtown Asheville.

If you have any questions, email me at adam.bardoczi@gmail.com