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Hephzibah - The Lord delights in you. That is the word the Lord gave Isaiah in a time when Israel was in a place of backsliding in their relationship with God. The Lord promised that He would not give Israel rest until they mature into a delightful Bride who partners with Him. He delights in His people even while they are growing.

Jesus not only sees us wholly with all our good and bad attributes, but He also sees what we can become. He called Peter the rock when he was an unsaved fisherman. He knew what Paul could become by His grace while he was still persecuting the Lord's people. 

He sees us as we are, but also know whom we can become 10-20-50 years from today. On the streets we often encounter people who are in terrible condition - addictions, sickness, they seem hopeless to the human eyes. But who would have thought that Peter, who denied Jesus to a young girl would soon speak under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and 3000 men and women would repent of their sins.

I love to see God taking seemingly hopeless people and radically turning their situations upside down for the better. I love to go out on the streets and look for "tax collectors", "fishermen", "prostitutes with 7 demons" whom the Lord can turn into mighty warriors.

I always pray that God would send laborers to the harvest and sometimes the way He answers my prayers can be surprising. The fact that He sees the warriors in Gideon-like people speaks of a heart of a Father who has faith in His children. How wonderful!

My prayer is that God would give us His heart and eyes and vision for these people.

Finally, here is a quote by Brad Long:

"Thirst is a gift given by the Holy Spirit, who already dwells with believers, drawing us to a place of need where we may be reduced to praying for everything He wants to give us.  Take the risk of following Jesus wherever He calls you.  Before long you will find yourself in some situation where you crash up against impossibilities.  You don't have to go to the foreign mission field to be reduced to this state of dependence.  Just try to bring a non-Christian to Jesus or minister to someone with problems.  Sheer powerlessness will lead you to dependence on Jesus, who will -- if you ask Him -- give you the power of the Holy Spirit... And so I say, ask for the power of the Spirit. Definitely ask, until you have an urgent yearning born of helplessness..."

Recommended passage: Isa 62:1-8

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