2015. június 15., hétfő

We are made to love

In Mt 22:37 Jesus tells us that the greatest commandment is to love God with all we are and have - our mind, our heart, our soul and strength. This is the most important commandment for many different reasons. One reason is because if we do that, the rest of the commandments will flow out of our hearts following the first one. 1 John 4:20 says that it is impossible to really love God and hate a brother.

Another reason is that the human heart is fearfully made to be only completely satisfied if we walk in the first commandment. There is a spirit of boredom and dullness in the body of Christ, because many  of us don't put first things first. Continuous submission to God will energize the human heart and will keep us vibrant throughout the years. David is a perfect example, who remained a worshiper of God on the first place even in his elderly years.

Our obedience is maturing as we are faithful on the little things. The Holy Spirit is our escort in the journey of complete surrender.

Love on the streets is an expression that we want to love God with our time and gifts. Evangelism, reaching the lost and discipling the Lord's people is to be lived as a lifestyle, but I have found it important to make time to focus on it.

When I think of Love on the Streets I think of loving people of course, but first  and foremost I think of showing love to Jesus. By making time in my schedule for it, I would like to express to the Lord that what's important to Him is important to me. Jesus tells us in Mt 28:19 to go and make disciples of all nations. A nation can be a far country, but starts at the place where we live. 

Evangelism is only one facet of living our lives fully for the Lord, but it's an important one. Jesus was very focused on this during His earthly ministry. His healing ministry was submitted to the message of forgiveness of sins through faith.

Every LOTS is different and we are open to the Spirit's leading. Today for example we played chess with an elderly man. We did not speak about the Lord to him directly, but we had our Bibles with us as we entered into his world for a little time.

For another man God has given a place today to stay at after we asked Him to. Praise the Lord!

Another man needed some scriptural foundation on the topic of salvation, so we offered him a Bible study. We pray that he would show up next week.

I enjoy seeing the diversity of actions we do during the outreaches and I am very thankful for it.

Loving God is the most fulfilling thing we can live for. That's how we are made!


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